Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When my family and I were in Wimberly, Texas, I woke up at 5am and went on a walk. While I was there, I found this scorpion.

When I was on a beach camp out, I was walking along the shore and found this Man O' War.

On an early morning in Spring, I was walking along the pond edge and I caught this young turtle peeking out of the water.

 One day after helping set up the tables for and activity at church, I found this  young Alligator Snapping Turtle, in the road. Then we led it to the safety of the ditch.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature, Nature, and more Nature galore!!!

One early morning in the summer I was walking by the pond and sawa male little blue heron in his breeding plumage, building a nest to attract a female.

 Finally, after months of reserching,  looking and waiting, the juvenile red headed woodpecker shed its plumage and now we could tell what type of woodpecker it was. Here are a few pictures of it making its nest in a telephone post.

 Here is Sophie secretly and speedily digging one of her pot holes just waiting for someone to mistakenly walk into it.

When we were in Wimberly it felt like 60 degrees. Here is Nathan jumping off the rock when bribed into jumping into the icy cold water below.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blue Herons, Turtles and more!

When my family and I were at the river walk in San Antonio, early in the morning, I almost walked into this Golden Crowned Night Heron serching for an easy breakfast.
On an early morning in early summer, I walked past a purple martin house full of purple martins. Here I catch a male purple martin keeping watch over the females while they feed their newly born chicks.
 On an early spring day, while I was walking to the purple martins house, I decided to look around the pond and guess what I found?  A two week old turtle!
On a hot summer day, when I was takeing Sophie on a walk, I saw a little blue heron lazily wading in the water just waiting for a adventerous minow or baby turtle to wander to close.